Monday, March 28, 2011

Leo's 3rd Birthday!!!

Family photo in front of our home

The best cake ever!!!
Aunt Tiffy, Somerset and Daddy
The Uncles

My Mom

I can't believe my little boy is three! Leo was once again blessed with a wonderful birthday filled with family fun, sweet treats and too many gifts. We decided to keep things simple and have a family only birthday. We all went to Chuck E. Cheese (as Tiff says, a casino for kids) and Leo was a bit overwhelmed at first, but got into the groove of things after a while. He loved the games, especially the one where he flipped balls into a frogs mouth and a basketball dunking one.

After Chuck E. Cheese, we had cake and Leo opened gifts. Joe and I bought Leo NBA themed gifts, but he was also given many clothes ( a gift for me really), an annual zoo pass, a batting trainer, art supplies etc. As usual, Leo cleaned up well and had so much fun opening his gifts.

We also had a special visitor fresh off of spring break...Uncle Aaron. Leo spent most of the day rough housing with his uncle, which Leo loves. He really adores his uncle. Later that night, Joe and Leo took Uncle Aaron back to college at OSU.

Joe took off Friday and Monday to make it a 4 day weekend!!! I love when Joe is home from work. I never get enough time with him and the kids love when he's home. We were also able to paint the laundry room! I know this seems trivial, but we had painted it a few months back and made a disaster out of the room. Previously, we had painted the room and dark reddish brown and because the color was so dark, every imperfection showed. It looked like a crime scene. It always bothered me and Joe, so we decided to rectify our mistake and re-primer and repaint the room (ugggg!), this time opting for a creamy, tasteful tan. It sounds boring, but it looks clean and fresh.

Today we had photos professionally taken of the kids. They turned out so cute! I am so excited to frame them and place them above our empty mantel. I have been waiting for just the right thing to put above the fireplace and I think these photos will be perfect.

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Carrie said...

THAT CAKE IS INSANE!!!!!! Looks like a fabulous birthday! Happy birthday Leo!