Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Countdown

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Leo is reluctant to have his photo taken, but I did manage to quickly snap this one of him. I know I am his mommy, but he is soooo handsome. Look at those eyes (thanks Joe)! Since he was a baby, we have always sung him the John Lennon song Beautiful Boy.

Leo is getting so excited for his birthday and we are thrilled to spoil him. He wants to know what day of the week it is every day so that he can know how many days are left until his birthday ( a great way to teach him the days of the week too)!

As much as I would like to ignore household duties and tickle my baby's feet all day long, I have to multi-task. I must seem like a crazy lady at times. Today, when I took Summy grocery shopping, she was strapped to me in her Baby Bjorn and I was talking to her about every purchase. I also include her in on the discussions about laundry, cooking and cleaning (how bored must I be)? I did this with Leo as well, and he has excellent verbal skills, so I know it won't hurt. Well, it turns out that Somerset really enjoys being thrown in with a pile of (clean) laundry. Leo and Somerset, thanks for helping Mommy's mundane chores seem fun.

I am back to work 2-3 shifts a week and it has been fun to get out, socialize and talk to customers and co-workers. I was finally able to impress Leo by saying, "Isn't it cool that Mommy works somewhere that sells candy?" He is obsessed with the WS jelly beans. I think I will have to buy him some to maintain my cool status.

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