Monday, March 21, 2011

6 Months Old!!!

Somerset was the same size as this owl when she was born!
Somerset seems to have inherited my crazy hair!!! Sorry Summy Bear!
New Jordans!!!

I can't believe that my baby girl turned 6 months old! Every minute of her life has been amazing. She has really added so much joy and happiness to our family and I feel extremely grateful to be her mommy.

Today is one of those days when I feel so lucky to have such a happy, healthy, and sweet little girl. This morning, I checked on her after she had been napping for a while. She looked as though she was just waking up and greeted me with the biggest smile. I held her in my arms as she melted into me and then I changed her diaper. She had a huge mess in her pants and hadn't even complained. That's my Somerset! She is so sweet and gentle and I LOVE every minute with her.

Leo has been a great boy this week. His behavior seems to be improving, so the approach I have been taking with him seems to be working. I have been much more gentle with him and have not elevated my voice for a week now. No matter how challenging he has been, I stay calm and that seems to be working. It takes a ton of patience, but if this works, we will always be a yell-free household.

Leo got an early birthday present, a pair of retro Jordans that match daddy's. He loves them and had to take a walk (run) around the neighborhood as soon as he got them to show them off and see how fast they were. He LOVES them and they are adorable.

Last week we checked out Space Jam from the library and Leo has fallen in love with this movie. In fact, he is watching it now!

We are all so excited about Leo's 3rd birthday on Sunday. I think this is the first birthday he'll remember, so we want to make it special. I am sure I will have many photos to post next week.

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Somerset said...

Happy Un-birthday Summy! I can't believe how fast little squishy babies turn into little people with personalities! Leo's going to be my favorite little people age...full of unending questions. Enjoy!