Friday, November 26, 2010


The coolest guy Leo knows....Uncle Aaron!
I had to get the diapered baby shot...she is too cute!!!

This could be the best Thanksgiving ever and that's because I have so much to be thankful for! What a year. We added Somerset to the family and got a new house. It's crazy to think that 1 year ago we were in a rental and I wasn't even pregnant with Summie (we are trying different spellings for her nickname). What a difference a year makes. We're so blessed!

This Thanksgiving was pretty low-key. We had Uncle Aaron and his roommate from college come down for the holiday weekend. We hosted the dinner and went to my parents for dessert. I must day that Joe and I did a pretty darn good job at preparing a delicious Thanksgiving feast!

Leo is absolutely in LOVE with his uncle and Joey. He played endlessly with the college boys and had so much fun. Hopefully Aaron and Joey weren't too annoyed. They were great sports!

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