Saturday, November 6, 2010


Somerset is almost 7 weeks old! Although I haven't gotten any official smiling photos, she is definitely a smiler! I have been enjoying the smiles too much to rush off and get the camera, so this photo of her dressed in her cute outfit, compliments of Grandma Naomi, will have to suffice.

Joe, Leo and I have really enjoyed our week with Summy. She likes to interact with us by sticking out her tongue when we stick out our tongue. She also greets us with smiles when she first wakes up. She seems to be transforming from a newborn into an adorable baby and is giving us glimpses of hope as to what life with her will be like once we are past this difficult stage. Summy is a good baby, but the acid reflux makes her cranky. She fusses a lot after feedings because she is experiencing discomfort (poor pickle).

Grandma Laurel went home to Pittsburgh this week, which made this the first full week I was alone. It was quite exhausting, but I did it! I also started going back to the gym. When Joe returns from work, I take Leo. I have never loved working out so much! This new schedule also requires a lot of slow cook meals.

Leo is thrilled to get out of the house after being cooped up most of the day. I have introduced new activities such as baking cookies, play dough and we always have a letter of the day to keep his alphabet skills sharp. Leo has been talking like a little adult. He makes up stories now too. The other day, he lifted up his shirt when I was breastfeeding Somerset. I asked him why and proudly declared, "I have milk in my nickels." Oh boy!

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