Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leo's First trip to Urgent Care/ 8 weeks old

Leo had a little mishap at church on Sunday and got a small, but deep gash in his forehead as a result of running, tripping and falling head first onto a door's hinge. Ouch! A doctor from church assessed the wound and said we should take him in. Leo was very brave and the doctor said that Leo would only need glue to keep the cut closed as opposed to stitches. Yeah!!!

Somerset is now 8 weeks old and is getting easier to manage. She has learned to entertain herself more and has discovered that she can use her hand to self soothe. She also loves staring at her baby swing in motion while she lies on her playmat. I know this is strange, but it works. Also, she loves watching Leo and he loves entertaining her. I am so lucky!

She still sleeps in bed with us, but this has to stop soon. I love cuddling my baby, but this leads to unsettled sleep for me. Also, Leo has gotten in the bad habit of getting out of his bed in the middle of the night to join us. Yes, that means there are often 4 of us in the bed and we only have a queen sized bed!

I am getting more and more comfortable handling both kids at once, but some days can be a very hectic and exhausting. When they both are crying at the same time, it can really be a test of my patience. I have started working out again though, so I know I will always get at least an hour to myself per day. Thank you Joe!!!

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