Monday, November 22, 2010

2 Month Visit

Somerset had her big 2 month visit, and I can happily say, she's growing like a weed:

weight: 11.3 pounds (71-72%)
height: 23.3 inches (88%)
head circumference: 15.4 in. (70%)

I am truly shocked by these results! Although she is getting quite pudgy, I never thought she would rank above avg. on weight and height. The weight issue is very relieving after having Leo so low on the growth chart. Go Summy!

She has been sleeping in 4 hour stretches at night and seems to be less fussy with each passing day. She also initiates a game where she pokes at her tongue at us and wants us to do the same. It brings her such delight!

Juggling both kids alone is quite the challenge, but with each passing day, I gain a new set of tricks to add to my collection. I am usually able to get them both to nap together around noon, which takes a lot of orchestrating, but I feel like super mom when it happens!

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