Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

It's now December and we are in full Christmas mode. It is so much fun now that Leo is getting older and enjoys the season too. We even went to a Christmas tree farm and chopped down our own tree. Everytime Leo spotted a tree he liked, he said, "this is the best Christmas tree ever!" Leo had fun helping us decorate it, but has had a big problem keeping his paws off of it and the nativity scene already had to be repacked due to his extreme curiosity.

Leo has been a real rascal. He's been extremely naughty and seeking attention in all the wrong ways. He is testing my patience and I have even resorted to a real spanking. This really hurt my heart. I just hope Leo doesn't get on Santa's naughty list.

Somerset seems to be getting easier to manage and smiles often, but she is still really high maintenance. She loves to be held all the time and is still quite sensitive about everything. I call her my Princess and the Pea. She still remains the cutest little girl ever and when she flashes a smile, my heart melts.

We had professional pictures taken for Christmas and they turned out very cute. We even got some smile shots of Summie.

Joe and I already received our big gifts: a digital camera for me and an i-phone for him. We are both really enjoying these new toys.

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