Friday, January 2, 2009

Standing and Flirting

Here's the evidence. Leo can now pull himself and stand! Everyday his confidence builds and I feel that if he keeps moving at this pace, he will be walking in no time. He is so proud of himself and all the energy he expends crawling and climbing is helping all of us get a better night sleep too.

Leo has come down with a nasty cough today and although he has a hearty appetite and is playful, we can tell he is in discomfort. Poor little guy.

Leo got his first hair trim. On New Year's Day, Joe trimmed his hair in the back and around the ears. It didn't really bother me too much, but Leo was getting a bit of a mullet and it was driving Joe crazy! Joe likes him to look like a "respectable young man."

Leo's flirting continues stop strangers dead in their tracks. When we are out and about, he will seek out the attention of strangers by smiling. Joe often has to inform the targeted person that Leo is "desperately trying to get their attention." When they finally take notice of him, he is such a happy, giggly young lad and he always manages to get a positive reaction. Leo doesn't discriminate with his flirting, he will target young dudes with piercings, grandma types, other mommies...anyone. He just LOVES people and he loves the attention.

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