Thursday, January 8, 2009

Friends, 9 Month Check-up and another Tooth!

Today Leo and I had a play date with our friends Forest and his mom Nichole. We had so much fun and Leo had a great time grabbing Forest's face, playing with his toys and eating his food...what poor manners! The babies are so cute together, but they still play side-by-side rather than together. It is such fun to spend time with another mom and compare notes, plus, Nichole made some awesome soup and homemade rolls. Forest is much more easy going than Leo, and unfortunately, Leo ended the our time with them on a cranky note. All that play made him tired! As you can see, the babies are both adorable and hopefully they can remain friends for years to come.

Leo also had his 9 month check-up yesterday and he passed with flying colors. He is on track for everything. He is still at the 10% for weight (17.7 lbs.), the 40% for height (28 inches) and is the 60% for head circumference. Leo is a bit ahead of schedule with his gross motor skills (using his arms and legs to climb and cruise) and the doctor said he will probably walk well before a year...yeah Leo! He also received another shot, which we were not expecting. It was one that they had a shortage of previously, so we just decided to get it out of the way.

Leo also had another tooth break through. His top right tooth emerged, which makes this his fifth tooth. His top teeth are still pushing down and even though three of the top teeth have broken through, you have to look pretty hard to see them.

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