Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 Months Old

Our little pup celebrated his 10 month of life with a serious case of teething/cold. We aren't sure if he actually had a cold or if the teething caused cold-like symptoms, but he just wasn't himself this week and it made for some rough nights. Leo now has 3 teeth on the top and we are just waiting for the top right tooth to emerge.

We did take a brief trip to the library today and I decided that since it was quite warm, we would venture to the park. Leo had his first solo swing ride and as you can see, he was quite skeptical about the whole experience. He didn't seem amused in the slightest sense, which was hilarious considering the 2-year old boy swinging next to him was laughing his head off. Leo was actual much more intrigued by his swing-mate than the swinging!

Photo taking continues to be very difficult as Leo ages. Leo is only interested in the atmosphere surrounding him and if we are outside, he wants to eat grass, pine needles (see photo above: "look mom, pine needles!"), or any object that is not safe to ingest.

Leo plays a game with Joe in which they yelp loudly back and forth at each other. It is a call and response game. Since the invention of this game, Leo has thought that other crying children were playing with him. When we visited our friends Angie and 2-year old Aubrey, Aubrey became distressed that Leo was playing with all her toys. She didn't want to share and started crying. Leo thought she was playing the game and started yelping in response to her cries. It is quite amusing!

Leo also likes to feed Joe and I Cheerios when we feed him. He will laugh hysterically when he pops one in our mouths. I am not sure why this is so funny to him, but I just love that he has such a sense of humor.

He may also be seeing the word duck. It is too soon to know for sure, but he loves ducks and grandma thinks he said it too!

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Marcie said...

I love the header for your blog! How did you do that? Oh Shelly, will you teach me how?!?