Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Words?

Joe and I think that Leo has 4 words under his tiny belt. Fairly consistently, he seems to use the words mama, dada, ball and cat. At this stage, it is difficult to tell if this is coincidental or on purpose, but he definitely makes a "ccccctttt" noise when Miette, our cat walks by. Also, last night at bedtime, he was quite upset and he was sobbing, "mama, mama!" Since I am the one that gives him his milk and rocks him to bed, it makes sense that he would call for me when he was so tired. He also loves to play with balls and since ball is an easy word to say, it seems logical that this would be one of his first words. Anyhow, it is so rewarding to witness these first attempts at verbal communication.

Leo also got an Elmo outfit this weekend. It was on super clearance and I really wanted him to have an outfit featuring his beloved Elmo. We were also on a lookout for a transitional carseat. I know we aren't suppose to buy one used, but they are so expensive. Today we checked out a baby consignment shop and although we didn't find a carseat, Leo got to try out a bicycle. He's really on the move now!

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