Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Elmo

Grandad Cleveland picked up an Elmo for Leo and he loves it! It is actually bigger than he is. In the pursuit of getting the perfect photos of Leo with his new friend, it is becoming evident that photo taking is not what it use to be. When I tried to take photos of Leo, he tried to eat dead leaves or crawled away. That is now the story of our lives...Leo is always just crawling/climbing away from us.

In addition to his mobility, Leo also has acquired quite the vocabulary. We are convinced that he now says "ball", "mama" and "dada" with some understanding of what he is cute. We think he also might be using some of his sign language, but it is so hard to tell.

Leo enjoys eating solids so much and breast and bottle feeding is a much bigger challenge now. As a first time mom, I am always worried that he is not getting adequate nutirition, but Joe reassures me that a boy with Leo's boundless energy could be nothing but healthy.

I also wanted to list some of my favorite moments with Leo:

1. Morning naps. Leo and I cuddle up together in my's the best!
2. When he wakes up from naps and is still limp. He loves to hug.
3. The uncontrollable glee that overcomes him when he sees our cat or Elmo.
4. When he spots a stranger and waves enthusiastically.
5. When we retrieve him from his crib and he is standing and waiting for us.

There are many more and I will list them in the future.

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