Thursday, October 9, 2008


Today Leo and I visited our friends Lauren and Tegan and we had a great time. It had been forever since we saw them, so it was a real treat. Leo was on his best behavior and was fascinated by Tegan. I learned something today matter how adorable the children, it is almost impossible to get 1 shot with 2 smiling children.

Leo is now almost sitting unassisted. He can balance for about 5-10 seconds and then he topples over. Also, he really wants to crawl, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. He gets really frustrated and as a mom, I wish I could help. This is just one of many challenges that he will simply have to figure out on his own. Good luck little man!

Also, check out Leo's cool hair. It always sticks up, no matter what efforts we take to ensure it doesn't. I love it this way though!

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Elite Garden Escapes said...

Wow Shelly! Leo is growing up quickly! He sure is a smiley kid! I am with you, I love the messy photos! The chicken is cute too :D Hope all is well with you, Joe and Leo!