Sunday, October 12, 2008


Gosh darn these 2 are cute! Lucky me!!! This weekend, we switched out the summer clothes for the fall clothes and Leo has started wearing some adorable new outfits. He seems to have grown a lot recently, most likely do to his introduction to solid foods. Also, I have been giving him one bottle of formula at bedtime, and he usually consumes between 8-10 oz. before he finally settles to sleep.

This weekend, Joe's co-worker, Nandu, dropped off a toy for Leo. Nandu has declared Leo her "boyfriend" and as you can see, Leo loves his new toy. Thanks Nandu!

Leo is moving like crazy! He is so close to crawling, but for the time being, he is scooting around using his head as a point of leverage after propping himself up in a downward dog position with his careful little man!

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