Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall is Here

This weekend we were quite lazy, but did manage to enjoy the changing season. It was nearly impossible to get any photos of Leo with the leaves because he was taking fist fulls and trying to consume them.

Changing both Leo's diapers and clothing has become a battle of epic proportions. Dare I say he is now starting to throw temper tantrums. He screams and rolls over in defiance. He also cries often when I feed him his solid food. I feed him using 2 spoons. He uses one and I use the other. Unfortunately there are times he insists on holding both spoons and when I pry one from his hand to feed him, he bursts into tears. Do I really need to use three spoons? This seems excessive. He was quite grumpy today too...let's hope this is a symptom of teething. Regardless of the hassle, I think we will keep him. Even on his worst of days, we still manage to get so many smiles.


Deanna said...

If it saves your sanity, I'd use 3 spoons!! :-)

Love the pictures in the leaves (and your haircut is fabulous!)

Elite Garden Escapes said...

Shelly how are we supposed to believe you that Leo throws tantrums when you post such cute smiley pictures of the cute little guy?!