Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Mother's Day

It was no great surprise to me that Joe (and Leo) made a point of making my first Mother's Day really special. We started the day with brunch at Village Inn and then returned to the house where I opened my cards and a gift. In addition to receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses, Leo and Joe also gave me diamond earrings! They are beautiful and I have always wanted a pair. I plan to wear them everyday, because diamonds match everything! All and all the day was very mellow and we were even able to take a family nap. Sleep is my absolute favorite thing right now, so that is a gift in itself!

Leo hit a few milestones too. On Saturday (May 10th), Leo practiced smiling with his Dad. He was clearly mimicking Joe's facial expressions, so he is well on his way to becoming a full fledged smiler. We have seen Leo smile many times, but it is usually in his sleep..."Mommy, thanks for feeding me. My belly is full and I am very content." This was different though because he was trying to smile. Leo also shed his first real tear on Mother's Day and Joe and I agreed it was the saddest thing we had ever seen.

Leo's fussiness is easing a bit, but we are still challenged by this newborn stage. A few nights ago, he awoke every 2 hours to feed. God bless him for wanting to get so big and strong, but the lack of sleep is difficult. He still has bouts of inconsolable crying, but he goes to bed usually by 10 p.m. now, which is a great relief.

Well, the little bugger is making noise, so I better see what's up!

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