Friday, May 2, 2008

Leo is 5 weeks old

I have not been good at all about updating this blog, but I think having a newborn is a sufficient excuse. He loves the swing now, so I can always count on having a few minutes hands free here and there.

Leo is wonderful! He is growing amazingly fast and yesterday, at 5 weeks of age, he weighed 7 lbs., 12 oz. That is 2 pounds more than he weighed just 3 weeks ago! That is an amazing increase, but I am not surprised. Leo is being fed on demand to gain as much weight as possible. He will often eat every 2 hours, which makes my primary job breastfeeding. Leo and I are almost continually together due to his voracious appetite, but I am thrilled.

Leo is what you would call a "high strung" baby. In other words, he is quite fussy. When he wants something, he wants it now! Joe and I have had some very difficult evenings (this is when he is most fussy), but I have to keep in mind that this stage is temporary. I also anticipate that he will become a boy/man filled with great passion, strong opinions and tremendous ambition (gaining that much weight in such a short time demonstrates to me his will to thrive and his great determination). These are all traits that he is exhibiting now, but they are communicated primarily through crying...which can break our hearts at time.

Kissing the crown of Leo's head in a peaceful moment has been the highlight of my life. It is so soft and precious and he willingly allows me and Joe to shower him with hundreds of kisses a day. These moments make all the crying and lack of sleep worth it.

As for photos, we did have some photos taken of him earlier this week, so when I get those back, I will update the blog. Once again, I must admit that photographing a newborn is VERY difficult. To catch him both awake and happy are rare and then to get just the right expression are nearly impossible. He is so cute...take my word for it. He has been losing hair and his cheeks are really getting chubby. His legs and arms are still skinny, but they are extremely muscular. He is so strong, I can hardly believe it. I think we may have a future athlete on our hands.

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