Saturday, March 1, 2008

35 Weeks Pregnant

35 weeks and counting! We are almost at the finish line with the pregnancy and are eagerly anticipating the newest arrival to our family. Aside from the last couple of weeks of battling a cold, I have felt great. I still feel fairly comfortable. I also haven't had any swelling and have kept my weight gain right on track.

Since Leo could be born at any time, Joe and I have decided to get our bags packed for the hospital. Today, I bought a nursing bra, a nursing gown and a new pair of nursing pajamas from Motherhood Maternity. It is all so cute and naturally, I chose blue so that Leo and I can match. Joe also bought treats from Trader Joe's so that he can stay nourished.

By the look of my physique, Leo has grown a ton recently. He weights approximately 5.5 Pounds and is almost his full length. If he were born today, he probably wouldn't even need an incubator. He has also been moving like a champ. We have been interacting with him as usual with story time, but a few weeks ago, Joe bought Leo a glow worm that plays 6 lullabies. We like to put the glow worm on my stomach and play him music too.

We also just finished our last childbirth prep class, so we are good to go. Tomorrow we have a 3 hour breastfeeding class and then we are done with all our classes. We just need the baby to put all this knowledge to good use!

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