Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Crazy Weekend!

We started the weekend with a Friday night celebration for my birthday. I got ready for our date and then opened my gifts from Joe. I got some awesome Nike running shoes that have a space in the heel for an I-pod chip that records your running performance. This will be great motivation for getting back into running shape after Leo arrives. I also received a gift certificate from Sephora, which I used to buy the fragrance Code by Armani. Hmmmm….it smells great and is Joe approved (a very difficult task). I also received a set of 3 pairs of Nap socks for the hospital stay. Nap products, which are sold at Brookstone and various retail establishments are the best. I don’t know what I would do without my Nap pillow and blanket.

Leo’s/my baby shower was Saturday and it was quite an affair. We definitely crammed our little place full, but it was lots of fun. I was so preoccupied with all the activity that I didn’t get any digital photos (I also forgot to eat), however, my mom did take some photos and Joe recorded the gift opening, so I will post some imagery soon. Guests started trickling in around 1:30 p.m. and dined on the large assortment of foods including lasagna, fruit, sandwich rolls and potato salad. We also had mimosas and beer (but none for me and Leo), so that made the event even more festive. We had a variety of attendees from my work, Joe’s work, old friends and family; we even had a few brave male attendees.

After lunch, we moved on to the games. In the first game, the participants had to take the letters from LEO MORRIS and make as many words as possible. The winner created 13 words! On the game sheet, there was a photo of me and Joe and then a photoshop rendition of Leo, complete with Steelers cap. She took elements from my face and Joe’s face to create our son. Wow! All I’m going to say is he is something else. It was pretty awesome though. In the next game, guests were shown a tray with 22 items for 2 minutes and when the tray was taken away, they had to remember as many items as possible.

Next, I opened gifts. I find it a bit awkward to open so many gifts in front of people, but that’s what you do at a baby shower. Well, Leo scored big time. I see many baseball games in his future because he received 3 baseball outfits! Everything was so cute! I spent a good chunk of Sunday washing his new clothes and organizing his stuff. I think this is called nesting.

We ended the day with an amazing cake. YUMMY! I have had more cake in the last week than in the last year.

I feel that we are now officially ready for Leo. If he was born today, we would have all the essentials. We only have 23 days until his due date, so now it’s up to him!

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