Friday, March 7, 2008

A Very Public Birthday Announcement

Well, today is my birthday and Joe had quite a surprise for me. Every morning, we watch our local news and we are especially fond of Dave Salesky, the morning weather reporter. Just like every other morning, I was eating my breakfast, watching the news and the birthday announcements came on. They started with an elderly lady and then moved on to a whole line-up of children and then the last announcement was me! "Shelly Morris turns 34 and lives in the Beaverton area and likes bow tie Fridays!" Dave has a habit of wearing a bow tie every Friday and I always get a kick out of it. As you might imagine, I was so's not everyday that you see your mug on television.

In retrospect, I should have known something was up. For starters, Joe was so anxious to get pregnancy photos of me. That is not entirely his style. Turns out that he wanted an updated photo for KGW. Secondly, as you can see, the time displayed on the screen is 6:21 a.m., but in reality it was 6:40 a.m. Joe had paused the broadcast so that I would see the birthday segment, which I always miss. Luckily for him, I am not a morning person and my tired haze prevented me from catching on. Joe is so cool. What other husband would go to that kind of effort?

The fun continued when I arrived at work. A couple gals from the office had decorated my desk after I left work yesterday and then my manager surprised me with a card, potted daffodils and a chocolate muffin. It has been an awesome day and I can't wait to see what else will happen.