Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An Awesome Surprise

Wow! At work today, they threw me a surprise Baby Shower and I was really surprised. Since so many of my co-workers had come to my baby shower, I really didn't expect anything. In addition to a wonderful cake complete with stork and a Welcome Baby Leo inscription, I also received various gifts and a Costco gift card! Although I was completely embarrassed by all the attention, I feel very lucky that my co-workers (who I have only worked with for a short time), went to so much effort. I just wonder how many shades of red I turned.

Also, a little over a week ago, Joe's co-workers surprised him with a baby shower. Joe was also adorned with a gift card (Babies R Us), a cake, cup cakes and many adorable gifts for Leo. Isn't it cool that they acknowledge the fathers too?

We are both so fortunate to have such awesome co-workers. Leo is really being welcomed into the world. Now if only he would come!

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