Monday, February 25, 2008

Sick Again

I can't believe it! I got sick again, but this time with a cold. I started feeling ill on Wednesday morning and now it is Monday and I am still very congested. People at work are wondering why I decided to come in, but I really am trying to save all my days off for Leo's arrival. Unfortunately, I spent the whole weekend at home and watched way too many episodes of Grey's Anatomy from past seasons. I did go to urgent care on Sunday, but because I am pregnant, the doctor could only prescribe a nasal steroid. Although I am not nearly as sick as I was with the stomach virus I had a little over a month ago, this has lasted much longer. I am just looking forward to having my life back!

On a happier note, Joe and I bought a camcorder this weekend. We are so excited about capturing the end of the pregnancy and the first moments of Leo's life. This also means that soon enough, we will start adding video clips to this blog. Don't worry, there will be no inappropriate scenes from the delivery room. Joe did get some clips this weekend, but the real recording will begin this weekend when I am healthy again.

We also completed the 3rd class in our childbirth series. The teacher brought in a few devices that can be used during the birth including a vacuum extractor, an internal monitor that is actual screwed into the babies scalp during the birth to track the progress of the baby if in distress and metal forceps. They all looked like Medieval torture devices. I would do anything in my power to ensure that none of these were used on Leo. The metal forceps were especially disturbing and I would much prefer to have a c-section than to have these used on him.

We also have decided on a middle name. If you really want to know, please email me, but we need to keep some element of surprise for the day of his birth.


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