Sunday, February 17, 2008

33 Weeks Pregnant

Yeah! 33 weeks and counting. We are reaching the final stretch of this adventure and I actually look pregnant. We really are having a very hard time waiting for this little dude to arrive and the anticipation is almost too much to handle. I am still feeling great and the baby's movement has changed from kicks and punches to body slams. We feel body parts press up against my abdomen all the time now and Leo shifts his weight often. I love it!

We are also just completed a Newborn Care class at the hospital yesterday. It was a 5 hour class that taught infant care basics such as diapering, swaddling, understanding baby's facial cues, bathing and baby safety. It was so fun! We are also half way through our childbirth prep class and I am now almost 100% convinced that I want a PCEA (Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia). With this method of epidural, I am able to control the amount of pain relief I receive. I don't want to be totally numb for the experience and I want my body to be able to respond to the pain to help aid labor, but I also don't want to be screaming in agony. This plan appeals to Joe and me the most. The good news is that I am not afraid at all of labor and welcome it as a sign that we will meet Leo soon.


Craig said...

33 Weeks!!! Getting closer by the day.

stefanie said...

You are so freaking cute!!! Congratulations on the baby. I'm so excited for you guys!