Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Words?

"Ma Ma!" "Da Da!"
Cool Guy Leo

I was looking back at the blog and found a blog post from when Leo was 10 months old called First Words? After reading it, it is clear that Somerset's verbal abilities mirror what Leo was doing at 10 months old and she is 8 months old tomorrow. She has been sick all week and has been calling for "Ma Ma" when she needs me for comfort. Also, when she acknowledges Joe, she has been saying "Da Da." This truly amazes me because Leo was always so advanced verbally for his age. In no way do I want to make comparisons, but it is nice to have the blog as a reference.

Check out Leo's new sunglasses! He looks so mature with them on. The photos above reminds me of what Leo will look like at 25. What a little hipster.

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