Wednesday, May 18, 2011

R.I.P Miette (1997-2011)

Miette has been a special friend to our family for a long time. I adopted her as a kitten from the animal shelter and I chose her because she was very friendly and purred for me as soon as we met. She was always a charmer ans made friends with everyone she met. She seemed more like a dog than a cat.

When I first got Miette, I was a single gal. She knew me through my early/mid twenties and saw me through a lot of good and bad times. She was 3 when I met my love, Joe. Joe had a cat Mookie, so those two bonded and became best buds (although not at first).

After we married, Miette and Mookie moved across country in a moving truck with Joe when Joe and I went back to PA so he could finish is degree at Pitt. Joe said she meowed in every state they traveled through. She also came back with us to Oregon, Along with Mookie.

Once back in Oregon, Miette welcomed our baby boy Leo. She was always so gentle with him and never swiped at him, even though she had a million reasons too. She somehow sensed that she needed to be patient with him.

She was also sweet with Summy. Summy loved Miette and would try to grab and at her face, and still, Miette did not swipe. In fact, when we were all cuddling in bed together, Miette loved to join us for pets, she even welcomed the kid's pets.

She really was the greatest cat imaginable. We feel a great emptiness in our home since has been gone. Luckily for us, she purred until the last day of her life. She remained content, even though she knew it was her time to go. Her final day, she went into our closest and snuggled up against my clothes. Joe and I knew that the humane thing to do was to take her into the the vest. We all said our goodbyes and then she was gone.

Miette, I hope that you are enjoying all your favorite things in kitty heaven. I hope that you have a protein bar, a chicken breast and a bottle on ranch dressing. I hope that you are Mookie are frolicking about and having a great time. We love you.

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