Monday, May 16, 2011


Over the last week, the whole family has been hit hard by a horrible virus. First it hit Leo, He was out of commission for a few days with fatigue, a cough and runny nose. He seemed to get over it fairly quickly. Next to get the bug was Joe, who felt uncomfortable, but escaped without too much damage. Unfortunately, Somerset and I were hit the hardest. I can cope, but seeing my baby have her first major illness has been difficult. She hasn't dealt with the pain well at all and her temperature has spiked to 103.4. Poor pickle. She has been so miserable the last few days and got up every hour or two last night, which was also horrible for a sick mommy. Both today and yesterday, she slept much more than usual and after her bath tonight, she was shivering. I felt so badly for her because I know how that feels. Well, she's crying again. We just can't seem to get her settled for the night. Wish us all luck!

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