Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Amazing Leo!

Yummy foot!

Leo lined up all his cars!!! There were probably about 150 cars in this line up.
We are so proud of our Leo! Leo did a trial run of preschool this week and did great! I attended with him the first day, but he wanted to go alone today. The teacher said that he did awesome and I was so proud of him taking this big step. I am not surprised that my independent little guy is so excited about being a big boy and attending school all by himself.

Leo has been such a good boy recently. We seem to really be turning a corner with him. He still has his share of temper tantrums, but Joe and I try to be sympathetic and compassionate about his uncontrollable emotions.

Leo has been building some amazing things at home. I don't think it's a coincidence that there is only one letter difference between Leo's name and Lego...he is the Lego king! Within minutes at preschool, the teacher's declared that he was a builder.

As you can see, Leo's penmanship is great for a 3 year old. I was very impressed with how well he wrote his name that I snapped a pic (for the record, I didn't help at all).

Somerset has shown quite the independent streak. Like her brother, she wants to do things by herself. As a baby, Leo focused on more physical goals: crawling, walking etc. Somerset has been declaring her independence by no longer allowing me to feed her. She loves Gerber puffs and only wants finger foods now, but she has no teeth...this is a challenge. Today we gave her baby food that she can feed to herself. The packaging has a spout at the top and she just need to squeeze the pouch to get food into her mouth.

She has been getting up once a night now, which feels like Heaven to me. Yeah sleep! (knock on wood).

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Becky said...

Arabel loves those food pouches too. Tell Leo I love his handwriting! :)