Tuesday, June 28, 2011

9 Month Dr. Appointment

Just a quick update before I lose track of all my mental notes. Our poor Summy bear is getting many teeth at once. She has the bottom right, 2 top teeth and 2 top "fangs" coming in at once. She is miserable, but at least we will get all this painful stuff out of the way. She woke up 4 times last night instead of her usual 1 wake-up.

She now does the sign for milk, which is adorable. She gets very excited and signs frantically when it is feeding time.

I have also almost given up on purees and have switched her over to finger foods. She doesn't seem to have the same issue with gagging that Leo did, I am just uncertain of how much she is eating because food ends up every where.

She also had her 9 month appointment a week ago, and her stats look great:

Weight: 18 lbs., 40%
Height: 27.6 inches, 58%
Head circumference: 17.8, 83% (big noggin' = smart girl)

Leo's behavior has been awesome. His reward scoreboard has been a great motivation for him. Ww are so proud of him!!! He is often Mommy and Daddy's helper and he is the smartest, most imaginative 3 year old boy I have ever met. I thank God daily that these kids are mine!

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