Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sleep is my most valued commodity!
Ahhh, I love napping with the kids. It is difficult to coordinate everyone's sleep schedule to make this happen, but when it does, it's heaven to me. When we are not napping, we have been having mini dance parties. I play the kids a few songs on a regular basis: Justin Bieber's Baby, Katy Perry's Firework and B.O.B./Bruno Mars's, Beautiful Girl. These are so Top 40, but the kids respond to them. Leo likes for me to get on the floor with the baby and make her dance with him. I hold her at the waist and make her twist and jump. It is probably the cutest thing anyone has ever seen. Both kids have the hugest smiles on their faces and love our little dance parties.

We have been staying home a lot because the weather is so gross these days. I cannot wait to get everyone out in the sunshine and off to a park! I don't think I have ever missed the sun so much. Poor little Summy was born at the end of September, so she has spent most of her days indoor.

We have a cute little nick name for Somerset: Poppy! Every time we say poppy, she smiles with such delight. She is still mostly Summy or Somerset, but we will throw an occasional Poppy in the mix too.

Joe taught Leo the phrase hubba hubba to describe pretty girls. In my opinion, he is way too young for this, but it is pretty darn cute. He will see a pretty girl on tv and say, "look at the hubba hubba." He loves girls of all shapes and sizes and ethnicities, which I think is cool. He has also declared that mommy is a hubba hubba...yeah me!


Carrie said...

Hubba hubba!!! Cuuuute!

Art Dolls by Tiffany Koornneef said...

Cute photos, Shelly.

Becky said...

Poppy is such a cute nickname! I love it!