Saturday, February 5, 2011

Potty Training and Sleep Training

Napping Angels
Leo requested Spiky hair...Joe says this is too much!!!
Somerset in her cool Converse!

Now that Somerset is four and a half months old, we decided that it was time to do some sleep training. Our little girl is almost a perfect angel, but she likes to be held all the time. At bedtime, it has been impossible to get her into her crib. I have been spending about an hour every night feeding, rocking and then placing Somerset in her crib, only to have her open her eyes immediately and start crying. After doing this multiple times, I would finally give up and then hold her until Joe and I went to bed, where she would sleep with us. Although I love cuddling my baby, this was getting ridiculous. Now that she is older, we got the a-ok from her doctor to let her cry it out a bit. This gives her the chance to learn to self soothe and get herself to sleep and should also promote a lifetime of good sleep habits. I still will come to her if she cries in the middle of the night, but I will no longer have her sleep in my arms or with us. Last night was our first night, and although it was painful, we all made it through the night. Tonight is night our second go at it and she is currently crying. Oh, this breaks my heart, but the pediatrician has assured me that crying is natural and as long as I go into soothe her every once in a while, this is the best way to get her to sleep unassisted.

Unfortunately, we weren't as strict with Leo. I never had the courage to really let him cry it out and we are still dealing with sleep issues to this day. As a mom, I think I will feel guilty whatever action I take, so I will just have to go with my gut and realize Summy will be ok.

On a lighter note, Leo requested spiky hair, so I bought a little thing of hair gel for him. He looks so grown up with his crazy hair, but I think we will save this look for special occasions.

I would also like to announce that Leo is officially potty trained!!! We have been working on this for a while, but he now wears underwear all the time. The only exception is night time, when he still wears training pants. I am so proud of him!!!

Joe is still very excited about his new hobby, brewing! I look forward to tasting the fruits of his labor.

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