Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Baby's Playing!

As you can see, Somerset is now enjoying using an exersaucer, which she is borrowing from the playroom at the gym. I love the borrowing things like this, because it makes no sense to pay upwards of $80 oro something she will use for such a short time. I can tell that she is so proud of herself when she stands in it and plays on her own.

Speaking of Somerset, it is quite clear how different her temperament is from Leo's. She is so much more calm and easy going, but she sure has a fistiness about her. When she is not happy, she will let you know, but I love that about her. She appears to be more serious and less quick to react than Leo is. It is a great balance between the two. They adore each other and it seems like their personalities mesh well together.

We have been sleep training for almost a week, and although we have had our challenges, Somerset has been out of the bed and falling asleep on her own every night. We are still on pins and needles thinking that she will wake with every noise and some nights she has cried enough to make my heart hurt, but all in all, things are going well. Last night, I was able to set her in the crib and she didn't cry at all! I was amazed!

We are having issues with Leo though. He tries to sneak into our bed at night. We let him for a while after the baby was born due to pure exhaustion, but now that we are laying down the law, we are encountering great resistance. 3-4 times a night he tries to come into our bed and each time we carry him back, usually followed by sobs. He also has never been able to nap on his own. I always have to be in the bed until he falls asleep (luckily he falls to sleep on his won at night). I clearly made mistakes when he was an infant by holding him often as he napped and not letting him self soothe and to this day we are dealing with the consequences.

On a happier note, we must have done a lot right with Leo. He is fully potty trained! As a reward, Joe would give him packs of basketball cards and he can name the most obscure players. Do you know who Ersan Ilyasova is? Leo does!

Leo has also been making the most incredible Lego figures. He has a natural talent for building things and an amazing imagination to go alongside. Unfortunately, he will not allow us to take photos of him, which in why the blog is pictorially slanted toward Summy. It is by no means due to favoritism. She is just a more compliant participant.

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