Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hanging in there....barely!

If I am going to be totally honest, I will confess that things have been less than perfect. Our closing date for buying the house has been pushed back again! Mid-week, I had almost completely lost hope that we would get into the house at all (not good for a pregnant woman to deal with). This was a depressing thought considering all the money, time and energy we have put into the house we are trying to buy. Well, we are still in the game and have been told there is a 95% chance we will get financed, the problem is that our new closing date is September 25th, which is 5 days after baby girl is born. This is not the ideal scenario, but if we get the house, we will deal with the poor timing.

In the meantime, our cable and internet was shut down for almost a week, so that left me a lot of time to do nothing but clean and get ready for the move. I organized the baby's clothes, cleaned all the dust bunnies from under the bed, cleaned the refrigerator, packed for the hospital etc.

As it stands now, we will be bringing baby girl to our current location for a few days and then we will move. I know that baby doesn't care, but I really had hoped we could bring her home to our new house.

On a positive note, baby girl is doing great! We had an ultrasound at my 35/36 week appointment and she was estimated to weigh 6 pounds, which is already more than Leo weighed at birth. As a result, I am really starting to feel uncomfortable. I literally feel my pelvic bones stretching to make room....ouch! I think I am waddling too, but I have been able to maintain my workouts.

Leo continues to get cuter. He has so much personality and makes friends everywhere we go. He speaks exclusively in sentences, loves to tell stories and is still obsessed with Star Wars. Although Leo learned all his ABCs by the age of 2, he lost interest. I started playing a game with him to get him engaged with his ABCs again...."A is for At-At, B is for Boba Fett," etc. Tonight we found a Star Wars ABC book and had to buy it. Perfect!!!

Our next major event will be the scheduled c-section and the birth of our daughter! Joe's Dad and Paula will be here to help Aaron move to OSU for college and they plan to help with Leo and the move. What great timing!

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