Monday, September 27, 2010

1 week old

Our little "Summy" has proven to be such a sweet baby. Joe has joked that she is a "lump" because she is so lazy and just wants to sleep all day (this actually made me cry because I was so hormonal and didn't think he should call my precious newborn a lump). Although she is good natured, she is feisty as well. When she is hungry, which is almost always, she will scream if she is not fed immediately. She also hates diaper changes and clothing changes. We have also been so lucky because she only wakes up twice a night and sleeps in.

Leo is an amazing big brother. He always wants to kiss her, which can be problematic when she is sleeping or eating, but he loves her dearly. He has been acting out a bit though. He hasn't been listening to our direction and this can be frustrating. We have been making an effort to give him special attention. He has had many exciting adventures with Grandparents, Aunt Tiffy and Uncle Martin, as well as gifts given to him for becoming a big brother. All in all though, we are so lucky that he loves Somerset, which often is not the case when you bring home a new baby.

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