Sunday, September 12, 2010

A BIG Week

Leo's Princess Leia, complete with large hair buns

Leo LOVES making Star Wars themed Lego creations.
Above, robot holding a blaster.

Such a big week for us! We were approved for our loan and it looks like we will be moving next weekend (yes, the weekend before the c-section). Holy cow! This is a lot to handle all at once, but it sure is good news. We have revamped our packing efforts and are now really down to the bare minimum.

We are also getting super excited to meet our daughter. It is so hard to believe that in just over a week, she will be here. I can't wait to see her little face and learn all about her. I am also thrilled that we will most likely be able to bring her home to our new house! She has been such a good little girl. She continues to grow at just the right pace, has the perfect heartbeat and doesn't cause me too much discomfort (except for in the beginning of the pregnancy). I just hope and pray she decides to stay inside until September 20th!

Leo continues to amaze us. Today, he drew a very accurate drawing of Princess Leia. He 's also super imaginative. Unfortunately, his imagination has led him to believe that the shadows in his room are monsters, which may explain all the sleep issues we have had recently. We explained to him that his room is the safest in the house and that shadows are not real. That seems to have helped.

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