Monday, May 10, 2010

Self Portraits

This afternoon, I saw a flash of light, but thought I might have imagined it. Joe walked into the room and caught Leo red-handed with the camera. Turns out our little guy was snapping photos of himself. He took about 5 photos, but I only have 3 displayed. I am still amazed that he figured out how to take these photos on his own.

Leo has recently started introducing himself to kids and adults he meets, "Hi, I'm Leo!" What a friendly and confident young man we have. It is so CUTE!!!

In other news, our baby girl is moving a ton. She almost always moves around during Leo's pre-nap story time. How cute is that?

We have yet to come up with a name. I think we will keep it a secret until she is born, but picking a name has proven to be more difficult than I anticipated. Unfortunately, I am obsessing over the matter. I really loved being able to call Leo by his name while I was pregnant with him.

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