Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Girl!

Our little girl has Joe/Leo's cute little "ski-jump" nose

To my surprise, we are having a girl! I was convinced baby #2 was a boy. Words cannot express how thrilled I am....a daughter!!! Yesterday, Joe and I went to the big ultrasound. At first, our baby girl was not cooperating, so the tech did the rest of the scan. We saw her heart's 4 chambers, her brain, her spine, hands, feet...everything but what we needed to see if she was a girl or a boy. The whole scan, my heart was pounding, I was so anxious and Joe held my hand. Finally, the tech said, "it looks like a girl!" I started crying and Joe kissed me. We were both so relieved that she was healthy and so happy to find out we were having a daughter. Now we just have to come up with a girl name. Any suggestions?

Leo didn't seem too interested to find out he was having a sister. When I said we were having a girl, he replied, "Race cars?" At least he has his priorities straight.

Speaking of Leo, he is a talking machine. He often says, "Look at that car Daddy/Mommy." My personal favorite is when he said, "I eated the hot dog Daddy." The funny part is that he had just chewed it up and spit it in his bib. What a boy.


Carrie said...

I can't wait to start talkin' names!!! :-D Yayay!

Becky said...

Congratulations on your healthy little girl! Maybe when she's older she can have a playdate with my little one!