Sunday, May 2, 2010

19 Weeks Pregnant

Popping out a bit at 19 weeks
19 weeks pregnant with Leo
Well, I am now feeling the baby move! Things seem to be following the same pattern as they did with Leo. I am feeling great and enjoying the ease of the second trimester. On Thursday,we will learn if we are having a boy or a girl. I can hardly wait, although I have convinced myself it's a boy, but not for any reason other than the fact that Joe says the Morris men only have boys. I have no real gut feeling either way, but can't really imagine them telling us we are having a girl. As always, good health is what we want for our next child.

Leo is talking up a storm. He uses full sentences often and this week he told me, "I got a new book at the library Mommy." He seems to understand most of what we say and he has this look when he is focusing. You can see the little wheels in his heading spinning to grasp concepts.

This week I had to explain to Leo that when the new baby is born, they will cut me and take the baby out of my stomach. I showed him my c-section scar and explained that the cut wouldn't hurt because they would give me medicine. He is fascinated by the scar. For that matter, he is obsessed with any type of "owie," cut or hurt. "Ow, it hurts," is something we hear in our house often.

We started the very first stages of potty training. He doesn't seem all that interested, but he did manage to go pee a few times this week, which warranted a reward. I made a huge fuss over the first time that he made "water come out of his pee pee." We went to Target and bought him a new car. For now though, he will get a peanut M&M when he goes potty.

Leo is so affectionate. We get lots of voluntary hugs and kisses and he says, "mommy, hold you," when he wants me to pick him up. I just love this boy!


Joemo said...

What is this blog called? Leo makes #2?

Joe and Shelly Morris said...

Oh Joe, you are so clever. I love you!