Monday, August 10, 2009

Beautiful Weather, Singing and Running!

The heat wave is over and we are experiencing some gorgeous days. Leo still loves nothing more than being outside, but being that he is a very mischievous little boy, we have to keep an eagle's eye on him at all times.

Leo has been engaging in a lot of games and tries to make us laugh now. He really has quite the sense of humor.

He has also been a bit more manageable at night. Perhaps the teething has subsided a bit, and the cooler weather is making everyone happier.

Leo has started is the cutest thing. He says..."lalalalala." He's not too melodic yet, but, it's a start. He also can identify all the parts of his face and major body parts.

In addition to Leo news, I have also been training for the Portland Marathon that takes place October 4th. Last Saturday I ran 15 miles and now I feel confident that I can complete the marathon. It is very hard work, but I feel so satisfies with my progress. Finishing a marathon has been a lifelong goal and I am less than 2 months from making this a reality. I am aiming to run 10 minute miles and I don't want to walk at all. Luckily for me, Joe has been super supportive and has been putting extra babysitting hours. Also, my mom bought me some high end running shoes that are sure to make the run easier.

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Carrie said...

Shelly, he is sooo cute!!! And Mr. Personality, too! And so, so impressed with all your training for the marathon - way to go, mama!