Monday, August 17, 2009

Trucks are Serious Business!

I think Leo liked the School Bus the best

Leo and his buddy EvieDinosaurs are AWESOME!
We had a great weekend. It started with me completing a 16 mile run. I was so happy to have that done with and was really ready to start the weekend. Joe and I took Leo to a truck show that is an annual event hosted by our local parks and rec. center. They had all the trucks a little boy could ever hope to see: a fire truck, construction vehicles, a big rig from Conway (Joe's employer), buses and we even witnessed a helicopter taking off! Throughout the event, Leo was quiet and stoic, which is not like him at all. He was like this at the Thomas event as well. I think it is so much for him to process, he zones out and just soaks it all up. It's as if he is saying, "this is so exciting, I can hardly believe it!"

Leo seems to have a new obsession with dinosaurs. He actually tries to say it too, but only we can gather what he means.

He has also been giving us real hugs in which he wraps his arms around our neck and squeezes. It is to date, the best parenting moment I have had. I think Joe would agree.

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Joemo said...

YEP! Real hugs are the best. I also love that "dan-taur" has made its way into the vocabulary.