Friday, July 31, 2009

The Girl Next Door

Already checking out the ladies!
Look Mommy, A DOG!
Daddy is sooooo fun!

Leo loves the neighbors, after all, the very pretty 6 year old Celia lives there. Also, Leo received his first kiss from Celia (lucky boy). The neighbors also have a dog named Nora, who Leo adores. He yells at her like she is a celebrity....."dog!!!" Nora loves Leo too because he attempts to throw tennis balls her way. Unfortunately, the fence is too high so balls always ricochet and bounce back to Leo, but they two of them never lose hope that someday there will be a successful throw!

The heat wave continues, so we spend much of our time at home by the kiddie pool. This week has been a challenge because Leo is hot and grumpy and is sleeping horribly at night. For the first time ever, I wish summer was over.

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