Friday, February 13, 2009

Play Time!

Triumphantly emerging from tunnel at Gymboree

Teetering with pride at Gymboree

Parachutes and Bubbles?
Play time at Gymboree is so much fun!

Honk, Honk! Get out of my way!
Riding the Cozy Coupe at the play gym

This play structure makes my hair stick up!
Static hair at the play gym.

This was a really tough week, but Leo and I had a lot of fun too. Leo has been sleeping horribly, which means that he must be teething. Consequently, I haven't had a decent night of sleep all week. I really am running on empty and to make it worse, Joe has been working so much overtime this week, that I have had to handle the the evenings alone. Luckily, we were able to spend a lot of time at my parents and Leo enjoyed terrorizing their cats. Leo also got a new car seat from his grandparents! Lucky boy!

Normally, I take Leo to the gym late in the morning. This is great for both of us because I get to work out and because my mom works in the childcare center, Leo gets to hang out with his grandma and spend time playing with other kids. Since my mom is off this week, I had to find other ways to entertain Leo. We went to a play gym through our county's parks and recreation center. The gym was filled with loads of toys and kids and it's free until he is one! We went 4 times this week!

Today, we also went to Leo's last free trial class at Gymboree. At Gymboree, the babies have a class lead by a teacher that incorporates both playing and singing. It is such a nurturing and safe environment and Leo has a blast! Gymboree is so fun, but on the expensive side....anyone want to pay for his tuition? Kids are so darn expensive, but worth every penny.

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