Friday, February 20, 2009

Leo's First Visit to the Zoo

The weather was so beautiful and both my mom and I had the same idea that today would be the perfect day for the zoo. For my birthday, my parents offered to buy me a family zoo membership and even though my birthday isn't until next month, today seemed like the perfect day to become a member.

This was Leo's first glimpse at non-domesticated animals and although he loved them all, he seemed to especially like the elephant, leopard, giraffe and zebras. He would wave goodbye every time we left an exhibit. He also enjoyed petting the goats at the family farm. Leo has always been an animal lover, so he will enjoy the many trips we will take to the zoo this year.


Deanna said...

If you want Zoo company on Thursdays / Fridays (or almost any day starting in June), let me know!


Joe and Shelly Morris said...

I'd love zoo company. Either day works for me.