Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Leo had some friends over from playgroup today, but the little party pooper napped almost the whole time. It was still great seeing the other babies who we have known for most of Leo's life. They are all growing up so quickly.

Yesterday, it was unseasonable warm, so I took Leo for a walk to the library and park. He loved being outside and especially loved the prospect of eating grass. In almost all the blog photos, Leo has a huge smile on his face. These smiles are usually generated as a result of me being ridiculous. Leo has such a sense of humor and loves when I make strange noises and faces. He thinks Joe and I are the funniest people alive and if only there was a hidden camera that could catch our embarrassing dancing and singing in efforts to make Leo laugh...we should be given a parenting award for the lengths we go to to make our baby smile.

However, Leo has another expression that he uses during moments of discovery. This can be seen in the fourth photo in which his little mouth makes a perfect little oval and his eyes are wide and focused on the task at hand. You can tell that he is trying to figure out how things work and it is so darn cute. Yesterday, he really just wanted me to leave him alone so that he could see what was up with all the cool outdoor stuff. "Mom, can't you see that I am photos please."

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