Monday, November 17, 2008

Sick Leo

My sweet angel is sick...really sick! He has quite the cough and last night he had a fever too. I took him to Dr. Crowley this morning, and his lungs and ears look fine, so that is great news. However, he has a horrible cough that makes him wince in pain. He didn't want to eat solids this morning and he has been much more sleepy and lethargic. Last night we didn't get much sleep, but I didn't think twice about it...I just want Leo to feel like himself again.

One fortunate aspect of visiting the doc is that Leo was weighed. Leo is now 16 lbs. He is still steadily following his growth path, which is between the 5-10% for weight. The nurse was pleased, especially since he was sick when he was weighed.

We have been very fortunate that Leo has been such a healthy little boy, so seeing him in this discomfort is especially difficult for us. I never like to make a post without a photo, but I didn't have the heart to post a picture of him in this state. Instead, I am posting a photo of us from last Friday, when he was my healthy, happy little boy.

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