Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great Birthday!

Joe had a great Birthday. It is a Tuesday, so he went to work, but we still had fun and it was the first family birthday we were able to share with Leo. Joe received new walking shoes (compliments of my Grandma), and two Polo sweaters and Polo Explorer cologne (from me and Leo). Leo had a great time wrestling with the wrapping paper and bows We also went to the mall and ate at the food court. Poor little Leo is teething, so we had to choose a noisy environment in case there was a melt down. Luckily for us, Joe and I will have a Leo-free date this weekend and then eat somewhere a bit fancier.

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Marcie W. said...

If we still lived close to one another, I would seriously pay you to take professional pictures of Annika. You take the best pictures of Leo, Shelly! I know it helps that he's absolutely adorable & incredibly well-dressed, but it's the photographer's skills too!!! So cute!!!!