Thursday, February 27, 2014

23 Weeks Pregnant

22 weeks Pregnant

Yeah! Leo can read to the little ones now!

When there is a snow storm, you should take every stuffed animal in the house and stack them to make a human landing pad.

I finally popped! As Joe stated, "one day I didn't look pregnant, and then all of the sudden you did!" It happened right at the 21/22 week mark.

There have been many days at home. Between all the snowy weather, and me being sick with a cold for almost a week now, I am getting cabin fever. The only Morris that has escaped this cold completely is dear Leo. The poor dude is probably getting pretty sick of being cooped up so long, but that leaves plenty of time for reading Magic Tree House books. He are on book #10 and knowing Leo, we will complete the whole series this year. He just reads now and it is amazing!

Somerset continues to be hilarious. She like to tell jokes and make her family laugh. She also loves role playing. Today I was the teacher and she was the student almost all day. She also is Play-Doh obsessed! We bought her a Play-Doh cupcake making set and she has spent hours making desserts for us. She also loves watching "kids cooking shows," which entails adults, describing and demonstrating how to use Play-Doh prducts. These You Tube videos get million of hits people!!!! Crazy!!!

Our kids caught the fever and made tried their own hand at You Tube fame:

Leo's Pokemon Video
Somerset's Baking Show

 Aren't they the cutest?

They sure do love there baby sister who Somerset likes to call Rosie. They often talk to my belly and Leo will ask her if she is "having fun swimming in there."  I do feel baby girl move everyday. I sense that she is calm and sweet. I think er temperament will be more mellow than the other kids based on her time in my belly, although this could just be wishful thinking!!!

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You all are so cute!!!