Thursday, February 6, 2014

I think half the reason I am posting is because I got some really adorable photos of my sweet Somerset.

Unfortunately, we had a snow storm. Normally this would be fun and exciting, but unfortunately, today was suppose to be the big day for baby girl's 20 week ultrasound. I really wanted to see her and make sure is doing fine, but I will have to! Luckily I feel her everyday, in fact, she just fluttered a bit (she must know that I am writing about her!). Anyhow, I am wondering if she has the cute ski-slope nose like the other 2 kids.  I am sure that she is healthy and adorable!

We started really working on table manners with our little savages. We say grace before dinner, and Somerset's prayer is always the same, "Thank you God. Thank you for this food. Thank you for everyone not get sick." Her sweet little prayer has worked like a charm because our family is so darn healthy and has escaped all the illnesses that many others have had this season. 

Somerset is so funny! She tells jokes and makes goofy faces.with her sense of humor and completely adorable face, she will be a heart breaker.

Leo is reading at a second grade level and his comprehension is amazing. Some of his books have quizzes at the end, and he gets all the questions right. He really remembers far more than I do. He is really remarkable. As always, he tests us with his behavior and is quick t react/has a difficult time controlling anger and frustration, but he has been well behaved the last month. Leo is extremely driven and has a competitive spirit that is foreign to Joe. Joe and I both feel that this desire to achieve will take Leo far, he just needs to learn to control his emotions.

We are all so excited for baby #3. I know that all children are so special is their own way. I am just excited to see how she is special. After Leo, I couldn't imagine loving another child as much, but then Somerset came along and I loved her sooo much! This baby girl will be entering a family that already loves her so much!

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