Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grandma turns 90!

 Yeah for Grandma. She sure looks pretty!

Summy has a new kitchen! She and Leo sure love joking around.
 My most advanced soap to date. Multi-layered! It sure smells good! I still have so much to learn.
 Somerset tucked Perry into bed. She is so nurturing.
 Not much is cuter than a toddler in jammies!

We just had a wonderful weekend with my Grandma, who came up for a visit with her sister Jeanette, my Uncle Andy and my mom's cousin Carolyn. My Grandma just had her 90th birthday and she is sharper than ever. She has such a lovely disposition and everyone who meets her loves her.

Today, we went on a brunch cruise on the Portland Spirit (a cruise ship that sails along the Willamette River) and it was a beautiful day to relax and enjoy each other's company. I would sure love to make my way down to CA soon to have more time to visit. I am hoping we can make this happen within the next year. I better start saving.

Leo also moved up a rank in Tae Kwon Do from a Orange Tiger belt to an Orange belt. Unfortunately, I missed most of the ceremony because I was on the cruise, but I arrived just in time to see them place his new belt on him. He still is super passionate about his classes and LOVES Karate. We are so proud of him.

Leo has been a royal pain. Maybe he misses school, but he has been testing the limits again. We are having many challenging moments with hi. I have such a sweet spot in my heart for this boy. I love him like no ther, but at times, he can be draining. All this hard work will pay off someday....right? 

Somerset is speaking more and more. Today, she fell and clear as a bell, she said, "I'm alright Daddy." She can put together simple sentences quite well and is really getting a firm grasp on language.

She also is sleeping later. A few times, she has even slept until 7 am, which is pure bliss to me! Her Mr. Sun alarm clock has been worth it's weight in gold!

It's been a few rough weeks because she had a minor cold and her canines have been poking their way through. I am looking forward to having my sweet Summy back!

She also got a few freckles. She got one on her rights leg and one on her left arm (I think, I will double check). They are so darn cute. Well, everything about her is cute to me!

 I have been loving making soap too. Last night, I made Joe a tea tree shampoo bar.  I hope he loves it. I just can't wait until I am super confident at this. All the learning and mistakes can be frustrating, but I am determined to get really good at this.

We are super excited for summer though. Hopefully we can meet up with friends more this summer. It seems as though there is never enough time. Plus, I have been working 3-4 shifts a week. It has been draining. I really should cut back, but the extra money made helps me justify the expenses of the soap hobby, Leo's Karate, hair salon visits etc.

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