Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 Buzz cut for the Summer
 Local water feature. The kids had a blast!

 Summy always asks Daddy to bring her to me after her bath.
 Sneak peak at our life when the kids get older.

Summy got to sit with the big kids at our friend's birthday party. She is growing up so fast!

Summer is finally here, but we still haven't had a string of great days. We like to call it Juneuary around here. None the less, we are trying to make the most of the nice days we do have by spending loads of time outside. We took the kids to a local water feature and they had a blast. It was nothing too scary and it was so fun to see them both do there thing. They are growing up so fast! This will be a major theme of this post.

Leo is in Vacation Bible School this week. He seems to be having fun and I like that he has a school type structure when preschool is out for the summer. He has already made a friend named Luke. It seems as though Leo always makes friends named Luke. Leo is extremely popular and makes friends where ever he goes. He is the most articulate, outgoing, friendly 4 year old I have ever met. He is bursting at the seams when we encounter a new social situation, always eager to meet new friends and explore new situations. He is so blessed to posses this amazing ability.

Leo is doing great with Karate. He really loves it and is showing many leadership qualities. He is a shining star in class and although he does get in trouble at times for being a bit goofy or talking out of turn, he shows extreme focus and respect while in class. Plus, he looks so darn cute in his uniform.

Leo has also been doing a great job eating. He is up to 34 pounds and although that doesn't seem like much, his appetite is really taking off. I am so thrilled he isn't as finicky as he used to be.

Somerset has entered the terrible 2s a tad bit early. She is throwing tantrums and cannot be reasoned with on many occassions, ex. she wants nothing but nuts, all the time, even though it makes her sick. Although she is whiny and strong willed, she still seems like an easier child than Leo ever was. An example of this would be how she behaved ay our friend Audrey's 5th birthday party. She was able to sit at the big kid table and hang with the rest of the kids, following their lead and eating along with all of them. I can only imagine that Leo would have been all over the place, causing little disasters here and there. However, they do remind me of each other a lot.

Somerset is far more jealous than Leo. She does not like me to give Leo too much attention (but that won't stop me). She even gets jealous when I brush his teeth. Leo has never been jealous, so we are super lucky that we had him first. 

She started really articulating a few words very clearly like "yessss." She also says please and thank you now. She can understand every thing that we say to her, mind you, we speak very simply to her.

She adores animals, especially dogs and cats and I am sure she would be so pleased if we got a kitty. She also loves babies. She will chase down a mom and dad if she sees that they have a little baby with them. She also loves her baby dolls. Last night, Joe found her wiping her  baby's bummy with a paper towel and then using the towel as a diaper. So cute!!! She is more nurturing than Leo ever was.

Somerset is doing a great job potty training. She goes in the potty at least once a day, and ever went #2 a few times this week. Way to go Summy!!!

All in all, the kiddos are great! I am so lucky to have 2 happy, healthy, wonderful children.

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